“Our mission is to produce beautiful artisanally made quality spirits.”


Fiorito is a dream come true. After a visit to our family in Sicily, we started making artisanal, handmade limoncello from organic lemons based on an old family recipe in our own kitchen at home. It started out as a simple hobby yet this soon changed when we won the silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in 2011. After that moment it really took off.. We decided to resign from our jobs to chase our dream.

Now we have successfully built-up a portfolio of artisanal brands and spirits such as Fiorito Limoncello, Fiorito Rum and our Li brand available in a variety of flavours. Our mission is to produce beautiful artisanally made quality spirits.

Fiorito Limoncello

When we visited our family in Sicily we enjoyed wonderful hospitality and the delicious local cuisine. Limoncello was served after an extensive family dinner. A limoncello made according to a traditional family recipe fresher and lighter than other limoncello’s we knew. Only the thinnest lemon-peel is used which results in a rich and mild taste. Once home we made our first limoncello, in our very own kitchen. From that moment onwards dinner with friends was always concluded with an ice-cold homemade glass of limoncello. Soon the question arose if our limoncello was also for sale and so we decided to start producing our limoncello on a larger scale.

The Fiorito brand was born. An authentic product in a stylish, modern bottle. Now years later we still make our limoncello according to this same Sicilian family recipe and still with hand-peeled Italian organic lemons as the main ingredient. We never add artificial flavours. We have a passion for quality. This can be seen in the many prizes our limoncello was awarded and our worldwide fanbase. Drink Fiorito ice-cold, pure or mixed with a tonic or Prosecco.