Fiorito Limoncello-Tonic

Fiorito has launched its pre-mixed cocktail Limoncello Tonic containing Fiorito limoncello, tonic water, basil and natural lemon grass. Fiorito is the first liqueur producer to bring to market this popular drink as an RTD (ready-to-drink) in a 250ml slimline can. Fiorito limoncello Tonic comes in a fresh, golden yellow, shining summerlike design

Fiorito Limoncello Tonic was developed with top bartenders for a perfect taste. Thanks to the refreshing combination of lemons, lemongrass and basil combined with the sparkling, light bitterness of a high-quality tonic water, Limoncello Tonic is the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day. The tasty drink grants ultimate freedom: It can be enjoyed everywhere right from the cooled can, but also served as a festive aperitif in a glass of ice cubes. The eye-catching design in iridescent golden yellow is clear and sophisticated and reflects the premium and fresh character of all the ingredients.